Emma Roberts breaks down the reasons why dating actors is “extremely difficult.”

She refused to identify her current partner in an interview with Flaunt magazine, but the 33-year-old Space Cadet actor did say that he is not a fellow performer.

“One day the veil was lifted and I didn’t want to date actors anymore,” said Roberts. In my opinion, a relationship between two performers is challenging. “Have I seen it done successfully?” I ask myself, my mind racing.

Garrett Hedlund, who plays Rhodes, a 3-year-old, is an actor who Roberts formally divorced from in January 2022. She was in an on-again, off-again relationship with American Horror Story co-star Evan Peters from 2012 till 2019. Her boyfriend Cody John is the one she’s been seeing lately.

“The actors I’ve been with border on Method actors, and that is something that I think is extremely difficult to be in a relationship with — at least for me, especially the characters that they were playing,” Roberts explained in an interview she gave from the home outside of New York City that she shares with her mother Kelly Cunningham.

One thing she loves about her new partner is that he is not “online,” she said. If you want to drive a woman wild, ditch Instagram, she says to bachelors.

The actress also discussed the stresses of being a public figure. “Going outside can induce a paranoia, like, ‘Is someone capturing my picture?’” “Is someone watching me?” she asked. Yeah, that’s bad if they’re really doing it. Equally bad is it if they aren’t doing it even if I believe they are. In a way, it’s a lose-lose situation.

Spending time on sets with Aunt Julia Roberts when Roberts was a youngster allowed her to see great stardom “up close,” as she has previously noted.

“Fame has never been the goal, because fame at a certain level is kind of scary,” she remarked in June on iHeartPodcasts’ Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi. “When you’ve witnessed the true impact of fame on individuals and their loved ones from a close distance.”

The comedy Space Cadet, starring Roberts and co-produced by him and Tom Hopper, will premiere on Prime Video on July 4. The film also stars Poppy Liu, Gabrielle Union, and Tom Hopper. The creator of Belletrist and the Italian cosmetics company Kiko Milano began an initiative in June to unite people who love books and beauty.

Who did Emma Roberts date?

Emma Roberts‘ most public relationships have been with:

Evan Peters: They met filming “Adult World” in 2012 and dated on-again, and off-again for several years, even getting engaged in 2014. They ended their relationship in 2019.

Garrett Hedlund: After Evan Peters, Emma Roberts dated actor Garrett Hedlund from 2019 to 2022. They had a son together in December 2020.

Why is Emma Roberts so famous?

American Horror Story and Scream Queens are two of her most well-known television programs. Belletrist, a literary community and book club, was co-founded in 2017 by Roberts as well.